No Texting While Driving!

Texting while driving is quickly becoming America’s leading epidemic, injuring 330,000 people last year and killing 11 teenagers EVERY DAY!

As texting has become THE preferred form of communication for teens and adults alike, texting while driving has become the norm. 46% of teens and a staggering 67% of adults admit to texting while driving. How big would the numbers be if you included those that did not admit it but do it anyway?!? It’s time to put an end to this dumb and dangerous activity. Most states have made it an illegal activity but few are cracking down to make the roads safer.

“TXTNG KILLS” texting while driving bands are a wearable reminder to stay safe and text free while driving. Kids and adults alike love to wear them and the bands are a great way to show everyone around you that you’ve made the commitment to put the phone away while behind the wheel! Celebrities everywhere are standing up to support text free driving. The Jonas Brothers, Jason Derulo, Jordin Sparks and many more of today’s hottest stars have been seen with their “TXTNG KILLS” bands.

“TXTNG KILLS” texting while driving bands come in 9 colors – RED, BLACK, BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, PINK, WHITE, YELLOW and PURPLE – so you can look cool and show your support for this important issue. There are also JST DRV bands, DNT TXT N DRV bands and now you can even get glow in the dark TXTNG KILLS/W8 2 TXT wrist bands. Wear a different color every day or get one for each finger. The 100% silicone bands are one size fits most and very comfortable. Hundreds of thousands of teens nationwide are already wearing their bands and encouraging those around them NOT to text and drive, but it’s time to do more! Take the Text Free Driving Pledge, start a text free driving campaign in your community and get as many people in your area as possible to commit to no texting while driving. Together we can all make a difference!

Schools, police departments and entire cities are doing their part to spread the word about the dangers of texting and driving, but every day there are more and more stories of tragic and preventable deaths from texting related car accidents. Start a texting and driving awareness campaign in your area today! Spread the word in your school, church or community and get your friends, family and neighbors to make the commitment of no texting while driving. The life you save could be your own!

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